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All efforts and resources are focused on getting our strategic objectives, while being guided by our values.
Sacconi is managed by three cousins: Evandro Sacconi, responsible for the finance department; Leandro Sacconi manages the production line and Pedro Sacconi runs the commercial department. The partners have an structured internal team that cares for attendance quality and service excellence, as well as mutual respect and well being of all people involved in the processes.



With a 10,000 m² headquarters strategically located in São Matheus city, the second largest producer of black pepper in Espírito Santo state. Sacconi family owns almost 1,000,000 square feet of cropping area, which makes them the main producer and buyer of the region.
Most local people are already qualified to work with pepper due to being grown at this region, so they already know all planting, harvesting, storage and transport processes. With many years of experience, farmers are considered a big family, which always provides a festive and joyous mood.






The main tool in the process of working with pepper are dryers that run 24 hours and requires supervision, maintenance and constant attention.
Today the company offers dryers, threshers and fans, perfectly maintained. Sacconi uses its equipment and manpower to provide services for most of the region producers.
Pepper storage and treatment directly interferes with its quality. In order to guarantee a pure, clean pepper, free of any planting residue, after harvest the beans are placed in a suspended platform, free from contact with the earth, where it will remain until the bagging. After bagging the product is immediately shipped or remain in stock for a limited time.
This is one of Sacconi’s great advantages comparing to other competitors.
The company has its own fleet, carrying the goods to São Paulo state, often directly delivered to the customer or the carrier of the customer’s choice. The trucks are periodically inspected to avoid mechanical problems on the road, avoiding delivery delays and protecting the driver’s life.


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